NOTHING HERE BUT KIAD is an interactive video series of 10 short films, where the residents of Kiad, Panama, invite us inside of their homes - homes on land "that is not inhabited" and where "no people reside" according to the Environmental and Social Summary Report prepared by GENISA, the hydroelectric power company that built Barro Blanco, a 28 mega-watt gravity dam on the Tabasara River that will inundate Kiad upon its completion.

OUR HEALING IN OUR HANDS mental health campaign was created by highschool students in San Francisco, CA, pushing for healthy school environments, where the holistic health and wellbeing of youth of color and low-income students is supported, and to create school spaces where youth and community can genuinely make empowered decisions and create solutions around their wellness and healing.

Support SFUSD students driving solutions for wellness, healing, and growth - help spread the word and sign their petition.

Cinematography by Michelle Yang / Edited by Anica Wu


HARNESSING THE STRENGTH OF A THOUSAND RIVERS. At a time when Asian Americans were experiencing different struggles in the radical movement, discrimination and exploitation, and their voices being suppressed, they decided to stand up and created a space where they could come together to build resistance against these injustices.

Members from the STAY THE RIGHT WAY coalition and Asian Pacific Environmental Network joined together and stopped the Oakland A’s baseball team from building a stadium mega-development next to Laney College.